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Dr. Michele Li, Aesthetics and Medicine, 51st Street - New-YorkDr. Li received her medical training in Guangzhou (Canton), China at Zhanjiang Medical School, one of the country’s leading schools in medicine.

In 1982, Dr. Li graduated at the top of her class and received the Award for Medical Excellence, given to the most promising medical student.

Dr. Li continued on to practice medicine in a dermatology institute in Shaoguan, China.

In 1984, Dr. Li came to the United States, where she served as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Utah’s Bone Biology Department.

In 1991, Dr. Li began her residency at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in New York. At St. Joseph’s, Dr. Li received numerous awards for Outstanding Resident Physician, Outstanding Teacher, and a Certificate of Excellence.

Following her residency, Dr. Li joined several medical group practices.

She then opened her own private practice as a family practitioner in 1996.

In view of her extensive dermatological training in China and experience in OBGYN groups, Dr. Li expanded her practice to include women’s care.